Things you can do to earn extra income and invest in the blog

We know that we don’t always have the capital to invest in something we really want. Starting a blog can be totally free, just share great ideas. But from the moment you decide that your blog will be your main source of income, that is, you will become a professional, so you also need to see your blog as a company and invest so that it grows.

Contrary to what people usually think, being a blogger is not just about having a blog and a camera. We need resources and, who knows, people to help. The monetization through Adsense or partnerships may take some time, so we brought here some things you can do to get you an extra income to invest in your blog:

Creation of banners

We’re not saying you need to become a renowned graphic designer, but it’s possible to make some honest money using programs like Canva or Adobe Spark. You need to be aware that not every graphic or image on these sites is free for commercial use, so if you don’t want to spend any money on it my recommendation is always to read the product’s license (to make sure it can be used commercially) and always use free banks.

Search Google for ‘Free sources for commercial use’. In the result will come several links to download fonts that you can use to sell your banners.

Create vignettes and video editing

You should already know that the number of channels on Youtube has grown a lot in recent times and there is always someone who needs someone else to create vignettes. It’s not that hard to do that, you can learn quickly. It turns out that usually youtubers prefer to focus their energies on other things like creating content. That’s where you can come in to help.

Animated Invitation

I am part of some groups for parties and the demand for animated invitations has grown a lot too. It’s a video all personalized with the theme of the party and where it will take place, with the name of the birthday boy and a cute message. Creating these invitations may earn you some money at the end of the month. A quick Youtube search and you’ll extend what I’m saying.

With a simple video editing program you can do it. If you have a Youtube channel and you’re used to messing with it, it’ll be easy, then.


I’m sure you have some clothes you haven’t worn in a while. I don’t just say clothes, but also other things that we always end up leaving aside. A good idea to receive an income would be to sell these items.

11 things you can do to make money with the blog
You can take some pretty pictures and advertise on popular sales sites like Enjoei and Mercado Livre. But if you don’t want to pay taxes, you can choose to create a webshop. Iluria has a good cost-benefit and also has integration with Pagseguro, ie, you can receive by credit cards.

Another option is to sell these clothes by Instagram. It takes time to advertise and be always updating, but on the other hand it is completely free. You can also use Pagseguro, just create an account and send the request for payment by email.

You can also use Facebook groups to sell your clothes. It usually works like this: you post the photos and people who are interested get in touch to find out where and when they can find you to give you the money and you deliver the product. But be careful when doing that! We know how bad people are out there. So it’s always good to go with someone or suggest that the delivery be made through the post office.

Another idea that would require more planning would be to create an event. Do you have other friends who have more things to sell? How about getting everyone together and looking for an available space that is easy to access and create an event? It can be anywhere, even in someone’s backyard or playground.

Advertising can be by word of mouth or events on Facebook. Oh, and if you make a cow you can even serve coffee and cookies to the guests and put an exciting song to cheer them up.

Make-up resale

Make-up is present in almost every home where there are women. Even if only to go to a little party, she has in need the basic items like lipstick and eye pencil.

The variety in the market is very big, but you don’t lose your chance. Buying makeup to resell is a good order, even better if you understand the subject and feel confident to give some tips for those who are interested in buying – it increases the chances of selling.

Take a walk through the center of your city and take a look at the values to analyze if it is worth investing. As in the bazaar tips, you can use social networks or a virtual store to sell.

If you have a place near your house where you can borrow a space (beauty salons usually work very well), it is also worth it.

Beauty product magazines

Yes, there are still people who buy products through magazines. And a lot, even. Generally they give more profit if you buy a good quantity and, if the brand authorizes, create a commercial space to resell. But for this you would need a good capital and here we are talking about winning an extra income instead of spending more then expected, isn’t it?

But even without commercial space it is possible, yes, to make a little money with them.

Just don’t forget to tell friends, neighbors and relatives that you’re selling.

Clothing adjustments

You know that granny sewing machine that’s totally pulled over? How about using it? You can even ask the owner to teach you some tricks.

But if you don’t have any machines out there, you can buy them for a very reasonable price in big stores. To learn how to sew? Youtube has a lot of teaching videos.

After you communicate that you are making clothes adjustments, you will see how many people will look for you and you will be able to make an extra income.

Text translation

Of course you need to know the language you intend to translate. And it’s not honest to use Google Translator for that. So if you know very well English, took courses or even studied abroad, it would be a great help for readers – who need a translated text – and for you to make a money that earns you something end of the month.

If you usually read websites in other languages, you can get in touch by informing your services. But for that I suggest you create a Portfolio first to show that you know how to do it.

Resale of swimwear

Summer is coming and you may already have noticed (if you’re not one of them) that some women prefer to have more than one piece to bathe in the pool/sea. So, when it gets close to this time of boiling sun, they start looking for bíquinis and swimsuits with different colors.

It is also a product that does not require the rental of a space, since you can store everything in your home (as long as there is hygiene), and the dissemination can be through social networks and / or mouth to mouth.

For neighbors it is nice that you take the pieces to them and, knowing how to value your product, for sure at the end of the month you will have a little money to invest in your blog and even take an açaí to overcome the heat.

Party gifts

In the party groups I also see a lot of people looking for people who make souvenirs for children’s parties. And it’s not something that needs a lot of money to invest. The only thing you’ll need is a car to carry everything safely (you don’t want things to get destroyed, right?).

Before you start, you can take a look at what people are doing in this niche and take a walk around the center of your city to research what’s available for you to create.


Sell photos

If you have a camera and know how to shoot very well, remember that a good strategy is to donate some photos to image banks like Pexels and Unsplash, but you can also sell others.