How to find your own passion? – A few words about women’s entrepreneurship.

How to find your own passion? This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions nowadays. The very concept of passion, or even the word “passion” itself, acts on many people like a cloth for a bull.

Many people even feel compelled to be “passionate” about something to meet today’s standards. Today, however, I would not like to talk about such a passion. With a smile on my lips, I was recently inspired by Ariadna Wiczling’s incredible conversation with Sigrun (link to podcast).

Ariadna is a person who inspires many women to take up business challenges, that’s why in today’s entry she gives the voice of Basia, my wife, who will share with you thoughts on passion and challenges in life.

It is with great pleasure that I convey the voice of Basia and encourage you to read the article, because it carries a large dose of positive emotions.
I was promised to publish a guest entry. As I am a man of frail faith, I said that I will not believe until I see the post on the website! In spite of everything, there is what to tell. You have to start with the fact that it is good to have a partner who is familiar with the Internet.

My husband follows the women’s business Internet very closely. At first I thought he was lost somewhere, but I wanted to give it a chance. My husband introduced me to two lovely enterprising ladies, for which I can be grateful to him. One of them is Sirgun Gudjonsdottir.

For the first time I had the opportunity to listen to her speech at TED about passion in life and work. I appreciate a person with such a disarming and funny, but at the same time charismatic type of personality.

The second woman I saw for the first time is Ariadna Wiczling. I must admit that the website: ponitceariadny.pl thanks to its aesthetics and transparency encourages the reader to visit this place again.

The purpose of this entry is to share reflections as well as a few impressions from the interview. At the beginning we learn that there are people with one passion, which is desired on the market, but there are also people “multipassion”, as Sirgun calls them.

This means that they do not have one passion, but it does not mean that they cannot use their versatility in business. It is worth checking these passions, disseminating them in the market environment and testing the interest of customers.

In the interview a very important question is also asked: how to find your passion? The answer is very practical: first we confront our own problems, which we can solve ourselves, and then we wonder whether others also need our knowledge and would be willing to pay for it.

This common denominator is a ready-made recipe for business. A tip from Sirgun that I really liked is: always have a vision! As optimistic Americans say: be careful what you wish because you just might get it.

And so here we get advice to have a vision and it’s quite concrete, because that’s the only way we’ll find out that it comes into force! I can only imagine how pleasant it must be to realize that what was our dream becomes our reality, “here and now”.

Another conclusion that I think is very valuable is the fact that business is secondary to life. What does it mean? First observe what lifestyle you profess and then think about what business will fit in with your life’s path.

After all, someone who dreams of working in a home office system should not set up a café where they would have to devote their afternoons and weekends at work, and not at home closer to their families. I think this tip is very valuable and worth emphasizing. First arrange your life, the business will come later.

It’s just like in the heart. First, live with yourself, for marriage, take on a “arranged” head, free from life’s dilemmas. Sirgun also recommends high awareness of the business we want to enter into. It is better to realize that everything has its own shadows and glow.

Even the realization of our dreams will not be an expensive roses. In addition, there is also the advice that has already been heard in the world of entrepreneurs, which is by the way Nike’s slogan: Just do it!

The most important thing is to do it, and under no circumstances should you give in to a negative voice in your head. Unfortunately, often the closest ones do not give us the best advice, and in order to protect us from failure they do not tell us what we should hear, that is, what we should hear: FAMILY – and only then will you think how you will do it.

From the interview we also take out a few golden thoughts for freshmen in business. First of all: don’t be afraid to act for free at the beginning. Apparently the first 100 coaching sessions for free will fill in your calendar for many months.

There will be potential customers and people who are not willing to continue cooperation, but nothing convinces the entrepreneur as much as the ability to make direct contact with him. However, in order not to feel used, offers of free services should be described as limited in time.

Secondly, start with small steps and small orders. Work in stages and check the results. Thirdly: once you have your community, clients, followers, people who trust you – you can skip the “free work” stage. If they are willing to buy a service from you, let them.

And finally, fourthly: Divide your products into different price ranges. It is assumed that five price levels are quite a reasonable system. Let their value increase with how much you can personally take to the customer.

If it is an ebook, its price must be much lower than a group coaching session, but such a session will also be cheaper than a one-on-one session. The fact that the prices of your services are usually high does not mean that all your products should cost a lot. On the contrary, price differentiation can be much more beneficial for business.

With this 45-minute call you can get a lot of factual and valuable information in a nutshell. It is refreshing that everyone, even business people feel anxiety and doubt on the way to success.

I’ve heard somewhere that such anxiety is good, because it means that you want to change something, that something annoys you in your current life. What surprises me is that this fear is OK. How can you think that any negative emotion can be OK? I ask myself this question every time I feel it.

I feel it really often, because I am at the beginning of my journey. I have dreams, but I don’t have one passion. I have a willingness, but also perfectionism “on my neck”. What to do here? Luckily, I also have a husband who has taken the women’s entrepreneurship support movement into the meanders.

It is very valuable for me to see people like Sirgun or Ariadne. So I was promised a publication. I wonder if it will see the light of day… or rather the light of your monitor. Thank you for your attention!